1. How does Breastfeed.com.my (hereinafter referred as "Portal") calculate shipping fees?

Portal calculates shipping fees based on parcel weight and dimensions of the items added into the cart, as well as the rates of different logistics partners.

2. Will products from different sellers in the same order be delivered by the same shipping method? 

Yes, all items are consolidated by the portal and sent within the same compiled order.

3. Can I change my shipping options? 
No, you will not be able to change your shipping option.

4. Where can I find shipping updates for my order? 
To view shipping updates for your orders, refer to the tracking number provided based on your booking confirmation and delivery email, and check it directly on the shipping company tracking website.

5. What if I am not satisfied with the delivery service?
If you're not satisfied with the delivery service, you may leave a rating for Delivery Service when you rate your product(s) after confirming the receipt of your order

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